Dave's Universe: America's Darkest Sky Star Party

"Dark Sky New Mexico has planned its second star party for observers and astroimagers for October 13–14, 2017, in Animas, New Mexico. As astronomy enthusiasts know, enjoying a world-class dark sky is increasingly hard for the majority of people in the world. In the United States, about 80 percent of the population lives in places where it cannot see the Milky Way. That‘s a sad state of affairs, and so truly dark sky star parties like this one are becoming far more important to those who want to observe, image, and enjoy star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies." 

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Registration for Dark Sky New Mexico's Star Party

Join Astronomy Magazine editors, authors, and well-known deep-sky observers Dave Eicher and Michael Bakich on October 13th & 14th for a 2-day star party and seminar in Animas, New Mexico hosted by Dark Sky New Mexico (DSNM) and The Albuquerque Astronomical Society (TAAS). This event will include dark sky observing under the best sky in the United States, viewing deep-sky treasures through a variety of telescopes, and a daylong seminar of exclusive talks from Eicher and Bakich. Click read more to register. 


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Fun at America's Darkest Sky Star Party

"Three astroimagers who had observatories at DSNM kindly provided guided tours of their facilities. Wow! These were impressive structures indeed. All had remote control ability and contained multiple telescopes. When one of the owners talked about his recently purchased 20-inch telescope that should be arriving soon, my knees went weak. If I had that large a scope in such a pristine location, I literally would disappear for weeks at a time," says Michael E. Bakich, senior editor of Astronomy and an experienced observer of the night sky in this feature in Astronomy Magazine 


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