8 Stunning Places You Should Definitely Visit in New Mexico

We’re so excited to be featured in this article by Suny Errot for When In Your State!

If you want to say “you are my galaxy” to your significant other, then you should go to the Dark Skies Trail and appreciate the majestic skies. It is the perfect destination if you want to set a romantic night or experience.

Not only it is eye candy, but the place itself is truly beautiful. If you haven’t seen amazing constellations through the naked eye, this is the place to go and experience it all. Dark Sky New Mexico boasts some of the best night sky observation conditions in the world. Indeed, this is one of the stunning places in New Mexico that you shouldn’t miss for the world! What are you waiting for? Add this to your itinerary list if you want to have a “star party” or if you want to spend a romantic night with your beau.

Fun Fact: They have over 300 clear days and nights per year, and you will clearly see the brilliance of the skies because there is no light or atmospheric pollution here.