We believe we can speak for everyone when we say that 2020 has not been anything we could have expected. Dark Sky New Mexico celebrated it’s 4th anniversary this year, and that we now have 35 astronomers on-site, while we prepare Covid-19 protocols to keep everyone safe. For all of us, stay-at-home has been an adjustment. We all have to do a bit more preparation and due diligence in making plans to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities. Dark Sky New Mexico has recently completed New Mexico Safe Certification.

Yes, Dark Sky New Mexico is a beautiful place to visit – but as a remote astrophotography site, you can enjoy the dark skies and clear weather from wherever you are, even if it’s mostly at home for the time being. With the fear and anxiety around our normal day-to-day routines, don’t give up on what you love. Our interests can be what gives us clarity during these tough times, and our daily dose of self-care.

Here at Dark Sky New Mexico, we’re doing everything we can to remain “business as usual” while recognizing nothing is as usual. If you plan to visit, please check out our Covid-19 Protocols so you’ll know what to expect upon arrival. If you plan to stay home, rest assured that our site is fully operational and you have full-access remotely.

Thank you, and stay safe!