DSNM is known for its thrifty, tidy, mindful living approach.  We repair things that break rather than buying new; we adaptively reuse materials; we buy every nut and bolt we see at yard sales… you know, we are the kind of people that always seem to have the part we need and we are really bummed out when we have to go to the store and pay retail.

Over the past six months, the DSNM  community has decided to become more “intentional”  in taking its mindful living to a higher level.  A recycling center has been established near the maintenance shop to accept aluminum, plastics, glass and cardboard.  Batteries and ink cartridges are gathered and properly recycled.  A community garden has been tilled and is being planted this week.  Vegetables will be canned and stored for winter consumption at the community dinners we have about once per week.  Used sliding glass doors were purchased ($5 each), dissembled and will be incorporated into the greenhouse being built on the west side of the property.  Seventy used knives, forks, and spoons were purchased at yard sales to replace the plastic eating utensils previously used during Star Parties.  We use real glasses for water and soft drinks.  And it goes on and on…

Lots of places have been doing similar things for quite some time.  We hope you patronize restaurants that minimize their plastic use and merchants who don’t over package their goods.  The program at DSNM is different because it is a small community of people making an intentional decision to be better stewards of our immediate environment in hopes that we will have an impact on our larger community.

One of our first efforts to publicly demonstrate our commitment was at the New England Astronomy Forum in Suffern NY in early April.  We were the only vendor who gave away reusable cloth bags in which people could carry their “giveaway” items.  Lots of green bags in that convention center!

We hope you will visit and give us ideas on how we can improve.  By the way, if you would like a FREE reusable bag, just send us an email with your snail mail address and we will send you one.  No catches, no strings, absolutely free!
Good Living
Michael and Diana Hensley
Animas NM